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Our Mission


Our mission is to present quality innovative music to the world while being a positive force in people's lives. We want to be a service to our customers, artists, employees, and colleagues, and treat all people with integrity and respect. We feel blessed to be able to earn our living in this endeavor and strive to give back to those in need and to our planet. We hope to touch people on a deep level, instill a sense of peace in all who listen, and, in that, help spread peace throughout the world.

Thank you to all the listeners who have written to share their stories of how this music has given them great joy, transformed their lives, healed them, and helped them through difficult times; inspired them to open their hearts, be more creative, and love more deeply. May you always find peace.

Over the years Silver Wave Recordings have benefited the following organizations:

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greenpeace logo.png
native american rights fund.png
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U'wa Defense Project

Rosebud Indian Reservation

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

People of the Standing Stone

The Silver Wave Story


Silver Wave Records was founded by James Marienthal in 1986 in Boulder, Colorado with the goal of taking new age music to a wider audience. He sought to expand the boundaries and perceptions of new age music by adding more upbeat, dynamic, and worldly sounds. Jazziz magazine called Silver Wave “the premier label for music too interesting to be called new age”, and we were on the cutting edge of then new concepts such as smooth jazz, instrumental Christmas albums, theme compilations, and world lullaby collections. Danny Heines, Peter Kater, Davol, Fowler & Branca, and many others were all leading the way in creating this exciting new music.

Then in 1990, Silver Wave began paving the way for what became, and still is, the heart of our catalog: Contemporary Native American Music. Beginning with the pioneering work of Peter Kater and R. Carlos Nakai, including the classic MIGRATION and the HOW THE WEST WAS LOST series, the label now represents the top Native Artists in the genre, and has earned a multitude of awards and critical acclaim along the way.

Native Drums

The Silver Wave music catalog is over 70 titles strong, with unique cross-cultural collaborations and instrumental hybrids, combined with consistent high-quality production and sound integrity.


Silver Wave Records, Inc.

Boulder, Colorado, USA


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